Guide: The Breakdown

This is our moment to take the good, the bad and the ugly of iconic custom t-shirts, and break down the do’s and the don’ts of t-shirts in pop culture.

The Offender: Baby On Board T-Shirt

Decade: 1980’s-2014

The Problem: Whether it is in powder blue or pretty pink, the Baby On Board T-Shirt is the worst slap in the face to any pregnant woman worth their baby weight since Dan Quail insulted fictional character Murphy Brown.  And here’s why?

1.       We get it!  You’re pregnant! No one is going to bring you ice cream or rub your feet or even offer you a chair after standing in line at the DMV for an hour.  So why announce the obvious; it’s sad.

2.       Complementary Colors?  – No one looks good in powder- affiliated colors except for actual newborns and Jackie Kennedy in her Inaugural pink suit and pill box hat.  The blue only brings out the dark circles under your eyes and the pink highlights the new acne strewn across your face.  Please stop.

3.       Play Catch Phrase - Baby on Board Are you comparing your new physique, belly or butt to a Buick or boat?  The only way it could be worse is if your shirt said “There’s an embryo growing in my uterus.”  At least there’s some element of political correctness there.

4.       The Issue – In 2014 this vintage t-shirt is a throwback to the 80s.  But not the cool 80’s, but the crappy cold war, Aqua Net type 80’s. Update and modernize; make your family proud.

Instead try:

1.       Bella +Canvas Flowy Simple Tee – the shape is low enough to cover a growing belly but still has a feminine, modern shape.

2.       Contrasting Colors – White, navy, red.  Use these complimentary colors in any combination. Whether it’s the cotton or the font, If it works for the American Flag, it will work for you!

3.       Text Type – Try a twist on a classic like “Leggo my Eggo!” or something new with “Hey Mama!” with Black Eyed Peas-type album art down the side.  You can design your own t-shirt at!

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