Design-er T’s or Design-Your T’s? While you may not be celebrating Paris fashion week alongside Versace or Gucci, that doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to be considered haute couture. Or more simply put – high fashion. While you may ooze style, it’s not always easy to choose what you want. Here’s a simple guide to creating your custom t-shirt
1. Wake up and look out your window: It’s spring. The kind of Hoodie-in-the Morning and Tank top-Afternoon weather. Or maybe you’re a Henley-Over-Coffee type. Each hour marks a new season and you need to be prepared. Just search the collection to find everything from t-shirts and hoodies to pants and shorts. The only things we don’t have are skorts. Skirts + shorts = lots of questions . . . . 
2. SOOOO many colors: Now it’s time to design. Intimidated? No. After all, you were the winner of the 5th grade Art Fari at Sunnyday School in Anywhere, USA, so let your innder Picasso shine. You could even upload the same image from your mom’s antique digital camera. Either way, the success of the design can depend on what colors you use. Think about the shirt’s intended purpose and how you imagine someone wearing it.
3. Texts, templates and textures abound: You can’t just be limited to color so listen to your inner voice. You know that place with all the opinion, pride and exuberance of presidential debate – but not as formal or eloquent. Use the simple template tool loaded with options to create your own design or turn to the Designer Help center for tutorials and advice.
4. Place your order and wait . . . . not too long . . . . give us a second to work our magic . . . . . Oh, you don’t like waiting? What’s that? You want to track your order? Well establish a user account by creating a unique login and password. I bet you like opening your present's on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning like the rest of the world, right?
Unless you have an aversion to quick, convenient, custom, quality apparel (and alliteration) go to!

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