Psssst . . . . . did you know you can now shop online? Of course you did – it’s not 2001. You have been known to shop during work, in the doctor’s office waiting room, among strangers and even from your bed! But your friends prefer taking long walks on a Sunday and jumping into every new little shop along the way. This may not be the end of a lifelong friendship, but next time your friend calls you to go shopping, you can explain the benefits of shopping online versus using a brick and mortar service. Take the typical t-shirt shop for example; look at all the great options using an e-commerce business like instead of a store in the mall.

1. Shoppers can multitask by browsing through product selection while waiting in the drive thru. There’s also the opportunity to slowly compare and contrast without the hassle of a salesperson. People place a premium on their available time, and online shopping allows them to run errands while at work or during the evening when stores are not typically open.
2. Web and warehouse maintenance leaves Whooptee with little incidentals; this allows them to focus on price, as their fundamental operating costs are typically lower. Savings are passed along via email promotions, not to mention free shipping!
3. Great website experience. You have the opportunity to create a custom shirt, custom tank top, and custom hoodie or to design your own apparel. The website and Designer Tool bring all the customer service that the store would bring onto your very platform.
4. For many consumers online shopping removes the temptation to impulse buy or to be pressured into buying a more expensive item.
5. Handicapped individuals and seniors who have trouble traveling appreciate the ease of online shopping.
6. Geographic boundaries have no meaning, so shoppers can make purchases from stores based all over the world.
7. Online shoppers do not need to drive anywhere and use up gas or risk damage to their vehicle.
8. Items are delivered right to the door.
9. The purchasing process can be very quick, with some selections taking just seconds when using “one-click” style ordering.
10. Some frequently purchased items can be setup for automatic ordering at set intervals, further saving the consumer time and energy.
Brick & Mortar
1. Shops are wrought with expenses: store fronts, commissioned sales people, advertising materials, stock management, power, water, etc. The cost of overhead gets added onto the price of merchandise.
2. Dressing rooms. Regardless of the amount of clever tech fashion apps that are popping up out there, the ability to physically try on garments and understand their fit is something that brick and mortar stores will always have a leg up on – that is, if you enjoy dressing rooms.
3. Instant gratification – buy an item and bring it home immediately. 
4. Salespeople – it’s a give and take. If you need to speak to an expert, they are right there. Other times, you can be ignored while everyone takes a break or you can have the hard-sell pushed down your throat. At, you can save your design, email or call with questions; we call it “Customer Service”.
With a scorecard like 10-4, it’s easy to see why Whooptee is the winner. 

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