This one may seem like a no-brainer, but when you have as many t-shirt options as we do it can be a bit daunting picking one. Suddenly, creative freedom becomes a prison of choices. Here are a few ways you can cut through the clutter, narrow down your options and, gasp, make a decision. 


Who is this shirt for?


Knowing your audience is key to any creative or business endeavors. Who is this shirt for? Who are we marketing it to? Chances are, hot pink isn’t going to move a lot of heavy metal t-shirts. Thinking of who you’re making your shirts for will go a long way toward finding a creative direction.


What about your budget?


If you’re low on funds, or just want to suppress expenses, you can save by going with a white t-shirt. You can further save by going with black ink. If you want a single t-shirt, try one of our no minimum selections. Those shirts have a limited color palette, giving you less to sort through. 


Consider your graphics


What is the centerpiece of your shirt? Is it some of our clip art, or an image you uploaded? It’s important to pick a color that meshes well with any colors that are built into your graphic. That should help narrow it down. 


Consider your type


If you plan to have type on your shirt, you need to consider which colors will be visible and how the color of your t-shirt will react to your type. If your colors clash, or your type is washed out by a bold colored t-shirt, it could make your shirt nearly impossible to read. 


Try different combinations


Our designer tool is easy to use and allows you to try multiple designs until you get the one right for you. You can experiment with different t-shirt styles, different colors, different graphics, and different fonts. You can create a design and save it, or dump it and start over. The choice is yours.

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