Ebola . . . .enterovirus . . . .flu shots  . . . . vaccinations . . . Any mention of the work viral immediately makes you think EVACUATE THE PREMISES!   Not so for viral videos.  Not only is viral content highly coveted in Internet-land, but it can lead to major success in marketing your cause, brand or product.

Remember back in the day when Youtube was new and email was the main form of communicating with your friends during the work day?  There were certain days that you felt more connected than others, like when a good joke was sent around or someone scanned some pictures of the weekend.  Then there was the dancing baby video; a 3D animated baby dancing for about a minute left you entranced in your cubicle and busy “forwarding “ for the next 10 minutes.  The baby was so popular, it became a regular part of the sitcom Ally McBeal . . . . .anyone?  Ok, moving on .  . . .

Here are five ways to design custom apparel that will make your mark:

1.       Be Short and Sweet: No one and I mean not even the toddler playing with their mother’s smart phone has time for drawn out messages.  Use fonts, colors and positioning creatively to convey meaning where you once would’ve used words.

2.       Think Positive: Jonah Berger, author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On found most highly shareable content tended to evoke strong emotions in the reader or viewer. And of those emotions, the most shareable were those that were positive and upbeat. Spin toward the good, and avoid the bad and the ugly.

3.       Keep Current:  Tap into a rising cult trend or befriend an existing audience that would wear your apparel.  Skaters wear hoodies, hipsters like T-shirts and sorority girls can’t get enough sweatpants.  If you speak their language and present interest in the same topics, they’ll be more likely to buy.

4.       Be Involved: Engagement – no, not the type with the expensive ring but connecting with the audience in a way that invites some sort of participation.  Include a call to action; everyone likes to be heard.

5.       Be Inspiring:  Look for symbols, phrases and color combinations that inspire others to overcome struggle, stand up to adversity or find success.  These messages withstand the test of time, giving your audience a piece of custom apparel that can last years.

For more information on creating custom apparel, look to the Guide portion of Whooptee.com or try the Designer Tool for yourself. 

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