So, you’ve decided to buy custom t-shirts with a logo from your business. You’ve made a fantastic decision. Not only do custom t-shirts make a great affordable uniform that works for many situations and kinds of work, but they are fantastic tools for promoting your business. To learn more of the uses and applications for custom t-shirts in a business setting, check here for our guides on custom t-shirts for business.


…but that’s not why you’re checking out this guide. You’ve already decided to get your business t-shirts. Now comes the hard part…the design. Well, let us rephrase. Using our designer tool to design an affordable business t-shirt is actually very, very easy. The hard part is conceptualizing what will work for your business. For that, you can check out this guide on how to get in the right frame of mind for designing


We also have this guide all about balancing the branding and creative aspects of your shirt design. How much promotion is too much promotion? Is your shirt all flash and no substance for your business? These are questions you need to ask yourself. You can also upload your logo and place it on your t-shirt.


Wait, you don’t have a logo?


Not to worry. We can give you a few pointers on generally what makes a great logo. Or, more accurately, how you can discover your own logo. If you don’t have any graphics design ability, you should probably hire a designer to create this crucial piece of your brand’s identity. If you feel comfortable enough in your design abilities but just have a little writer’s block, so to speak, look around at logos of brands you admire or brands in your general sphere. 


Try to glean from those logos the feelings and messages they’re conveying and apply those lessons to your logo. If you’re selling a product, look for visual styles and color palates that customers immediately associate with a product in your industry. Don’t make your logo too busy: less is more. A nice clean simple design is often the best route.

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