Has everyone been asking you if you’re sick, even though you don't’ have the flu?  Do people stare at you in the McDonald’s drive-thru as though you might be mentally incapacitated? When you walk to the street corner to grab a newspaper, do people give you their loose change because they think you’re homeless? The holidays are over so it’s time to GET OUT OF YOUR HANGOVER CLOTHES!!!


Of course they are ridiculously comfortable but mismatched socks, an oversized sweatshirt and any bottoms with an elastic waistband are not appropriate for the new year.  It’s possible to be comfortable and stylish without breaking the bank . . . or looking like you might rob the bank.


Some people think its a luxury to create custom tshirts, let alone design custom shirts!  If you can afford bottle service at the Ritz-Carlton, then you can definitely pay for a cheap shirt.  We don’t live in a “One Size Fits All” society, so check out these Whooptee outfits to mix and match for comfort style and affordability.


Organic:  One of your resolutions may be to eat organic, but don’t forget to buy organic.  Alternative is eco-friendly company that uses a polyester, rayon, cotton blend to create a durable garment to last a lifetime; start with the Alternative Unisex Eco-Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Get Open: Consider opening your heart, your soul your mind and your bottom this year with some help from these Gildan Heavy Blend Open Bottom Sweatpants.  An easy fit waist and a tapered leg offers movement and style.


Vintage:  The best thing about a hoodie, is of course, the hood.  But the next best thing about this J. America Ladies’ V-Neck Hooded Sweatshirt  is tough to narrow down.  It’s either the open v-neck style or the brushed fleece interior.  Wear it alone or pair with shorts, pants or jeans.

Whooptee.com make ordering simple - free shipping and two week delivery. That gives you just enough time to throw your new clothing into an overnight bag for a Valentine’s night out.

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