Let’s go back 20 years in fashion and rock n roll for a moment.  Nirvana just lost Curt Cobain, the term “supermodel” because synonymous with the likes of Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell and the Gap had created some of the most recognizable iconic print ads of the past decade.

The Gap ads contained a collection of model, musicians, actors and pop culture icons together to celebration diversity and ultimately the love of a cotton t-shirt and denim.  The naturally-lit photographed always featured its staple look: a cotton t-shirt atop slouchy, over-sized jeans on the smallest model frames.  Jump 20 years ahead and the fashion gods are at it again.  Big on the 2014 fall runway, the slouchy shirt is here to stay.

How to wear it: When your week is particularly hectic, sometimes it can just feel like too much effort to wear anything besides a t-shirt. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your fashion credibility. A slouchy tee is just as comfortable, but a lot more stylish than your boxy, unisex varieties, and because these tees come in a million different patterns and colors, it’s so easy to find one that fits your style!

1.       The easiest way to wear a tee is with a great pair of jeans. The combo can be stylish on its own, but you don’t have to stop there! Throw on a colorful scarf and a fun pair of flats to add a little punch to your look, and top it off with a pair of classic earrings.

2.       Tees don’t have to be relegated to classrooms and libraries — they go great with a variety of skirts as well! Pair the tee with a super trendy pleated skirt and dressed it up with some statement jewelry and a serious pair of wedges. If it’s getting too chilly for bare legs where you live, this outfit would also look great with tights.

3.       Gray is a neutral, so don’t be afraid to pair it with colorful pieces, like red pants.  I love the juxtaposition of the fancy earrings with the casual cowboy boots — this outfit is both fashionable and functional, and would transition perfectly from a day full of classes to dinner with friends.

4.       Neutrals may seem boring on their own, but when you combine them in the right way, you can create a seriously fierce outfit. Skinny pants and a blazer add some structure to a loose-fitting tee, and ankle booties will keep your feet warm as the temperatures drop. Finally, top it off with some stylish spiked earrings.

How to get yours:

1.       Go to Whooptee.com and look through the product list.  Then click on Women’s Fit and finally Ladies’ Eco-Jersey Slouchy T-Shirt

2.       Look through the Size Chart to make sure your get the best fit for your figure

3.       Check out the range of colors; fall warrants neutrals and vivid, dark colors.

4.       Choose to add a custom design

5.       Click Get a Quote, add your payment information and wait

6.       Enjoy all the new attention you get from your new slouchy tee!

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