If you have a bunch of old t-shirts laying around, ones that don’t fit you anymore and are taking up space in your closet, you could resell them or donate them to charity. You can put a little extra cash in your pocket or you can help out a person in need. Sometimes, though, you need to clean out your closet and neither of those solutions work for one reason or another. Maybe your clothes are too beat up to sell or donate, or maybe you can’t wear these clothes but they have sentimental value for you. In either event, you don't want to throw your clothes away and add to the piles upon piles of garbage that pollute our planet. You need a way to clear space by recycling your t-shirts. You need to free up space for the custom tees you design at WhoopTee.com


Option A: Sentimental Keepsakes


Lets say you have some t-shirts that hold a special place in your hear. We’re talking shirts from your grade school, high school or college days, like sports team shirts or summer camps. They could also be shirts from concerts, or vacation souvenirs. They could also be gifts from someone special in your life. One way to utilize these shirts is to create a t-shirt quilt. The individual designs become squares on your quilt. Another option for the ladies is to make a skirt out of your t-shirts that incorporates key design pieces from the tees. There is an endless supply of craft ideas for old shirts, and you can always check out Pinterest for more ideas. 


Option B: Repurpose 


We’ve covered the sentimental side, but what about t-shirts that are too beat up to be of use to anyone? You can cut them up and use them for dish rags or washcloths. You can make rugs out of them, or curtains, or new articles of clothing. Instead of focusing on designs for a custom skirt, you can use the least beat up pieces of the shirts you’re recycling to make a sort of Frankenstein skirt, or a poncho. The options are endless, but with this type of t-shirt you don’t have to be afraid of carving up large portions. It’s about the material, not the content. 


Don’t just throw your shirts away. Recycle and reclaim always. For more ideas on how to reuse and recycle shirts, check out this guide.

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