March is national music in our schools month. Anyone who has played music knows what a positive impact the art form can have on a young person’s life. Research throughout the yeas has shown time and time again the benefits of studying music. Yet, as school funding shrinks, the arts are the first cuts that are handed down, band chief among them. This makes it all the more imperative to find ways to keep the budget for your band program in check. Look no further than WhoopTee.


Think of one of the biggest expenses for a band: the uniform. What if instead of replacing those tattered, ratty old uniforms you’ve been using with a brand new one that stretches your budget to the limit, you use custom t-shirts instead. Custom tees are not just stylish, they’re cost effective. With the money you’re saving, you could buy several t-shirt variants. Perhaps you have a t-shirt for basketball games, a t-shirt for football games, competition t-shirts, marching t-shirts for summer and so on. For those chilly months marching on the field or in the streets, custom hoodies will do the trick. 


T-shirts are the mother load of fundraisers for any organization. You can use your custom t-shirts and/or hoodies to replace some of that funding you’re loosing through budget cuts. If you need to allocate funds to another expense, a t-shirt is an easy bill for a parent to swallow. They’re inexpensive, especially when your group orders in bulk, and their child will get to keep it, unlike a uniform. At the end of the day, your band’s dress issue can be resolved by giving your band a snazzy look, giving parents and students value for their money, and saving your program the dollars that are in such short supply. This opportunity is just too practical to pass up.

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