Inside each and every one of us lies the desire to create.  It presents itself when doodling during a lecture, when entertaining children with Play-Doh and singing in the shower.  For some, their creativity is smaller than a paint drenched Q-Tip in pre-school art class. It’s what Brittany Spears is to opera – non-existent.  For others, it oozes from them like a melting clock in a Salvador Dali piece in the Louvre.  If you find your “creative” self designing group t-shirts for an event, a club or party, check out these quick tips to keep you on track:

Sketch it Out: Start your brainstorming session with the mindset that you won’t edit yourself.  Let your pencil move across the paper and see what happens. The best ideas can come from our unconscious (without actually having to suffer a brain injury.)

The Rules of Color: Go back to the basics with the color wheel; understanding the role of secondary and tertiary color sets can take a simple design to the next level.  Use colored pencils to try out modern combinations and unconventional choices.

Choose your Canvas: Or in this case the t-shirt. Use the Designer Tool to preview your design on short sleeve cotton shirts, custom tank tops or the back of athletics shorts.

Group-think: Is your group primarily male or female? Young or old? Is the shirt for work or play?  Remember, you’re designing a product that you want to people to like and wear. Think about the styles you’ve seen amongst your group members and consider them in your design.

Review: Check out your design from about 5 feet back; is it easily read and understandable?  Make sure your color combinations aren’t sending the wrong message.  For example, red and green are great, but evoke feelings of Christmas.

Stick to these and you can’t go wrong!  But if you do, use one of the awesome templates at and take all the credit for yourself.

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