“I went on vacation and all I got was this lousy t shirt”
Vacations are for the rich. Staycations are for the poor. Vacations require plane tickets. Staycations require movie tickets. Vacations involve packing a suitcase. Staycations involve packing a cooler. Vacations are all about hip hotels and room service while staycations are fast food and a change of sheets. Vacations are exotic. Staycations are domestic - at best. 
Domestic isn't always bad - if you live in St. Louis. Domestic beer is the great Anheuser Busch. Local cuisine is the famed toasted ravioli and Fitz’s Root Beer. Things to do? You won’t miss the beach when your home team is the 11-time World Series Champion-St. Louis Cardinals.
But the question remains: to vacation or staycation? I must admit, the only thing I miss about a vacation is the shopping. Finding a cute local store with seasonal items you would never consider while at home. Straw hat? Don’t mind if I do! Then there’s the moment after you’ve been home a couple days and someone spots your new bracelet. “Where did you get that?” they ask as though it were common. “Oh, this?” you reply, demurely twisting your jewelry around your newly tanned wrist. “On vacation.” Bam! 
I say recreate the experience for yourself. You and the rest of our “Staycation Sisters” can take a bus for a trip to the wineries. Call your college roommates and rent a boat at the lake. Better yet call your college golf team and make it a party. Commemorate these moments by designing bulk custom t shirts this without paying resort prices. If group t shirts aren’t your thing, try tank tops or Dryblend Jersey Sport Shirts. The next time someone says “Great shirt, where did you get it?” You can say “I designed in collaboration with a very reputable company called Whooptee.” Beat that Bermuda shorts!

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