Learning a new language is difficult, but it’s also an enriching experience that does wonders for a well-rounded individual. It’s important to learn new languages to better communicate with others from different backgrounds, or for certain careers. More than anything, though, it’s important to learn about other cultures. It’s hard to really get a grasp on a language without learning about the people who speak it. This is one of the main reasons why cultural education is a big part of language classes in most high schools and universities. 


To help students learn more, or for fun socialization and immersion for students who are really dedicated to the language they want to learn, there are language clubs. Spanish Club and French Club are two of the most common in many high schools. These clubs are not just a learning experience, not just a culturally enriching experience, but a fun activity that students look forward to and a great place to make new friendships and enjoy existing ones.


One of the ways to make these clubs work for their intended educational purposes is to keep them fun, and a great way to keep them fun is to build positive relationships between the students. You can keep morale high with custom t-shirts that allow your students to show off the club to which they belong.


You can use this as an opportunity to educate other students in your school on not only your club, but the language you’re studying. Come up with a design using WhoopTee’s designer tool that uses your language. Or better yet, let your students come up with the t-shirt design. T-shirts are also an easy sell for fundraisers, and if you order a larger quantity you will save money per shirt. Let’s not forget about WhoopTee’s free two week shipping. Check the upper right hand corner of your screen to see when your shirt will arrive.

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