Drama Club is an amazing time for the theatrically-inclined student. It’s a chance to get comfortable in front of a crowd, a chance to flex their left-brain, and, above all else, a chance to be someone else. Through Drama Club, students make friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. There are also many behind the scenes jobs for Drama Club members besides acting. There’s set design, costumes, makeup, and publicity, to name a few. One challenge that often faces the publicity crew is getting custom t-shirts made. Running a project from  start to finish, dealing with businesses, and handling money are all great experiences for young adults to have as they mature. That’s why we have this guide to help them along through the process.


Step 1: Ask for Sizes


Ask your cast and crew what their t-shirt size is. Once you have gathered that information, make note of how many shirts of each size you will need. It will save you lots of headaches to get this information before the design and quote processes. 


Step 2: Choose a Product


WhoopTee has many great products you can choose from, ranging from options for a tight budget to trendy to hoodies. Once you’ve settled on a product, simply click on “Start Design”.


Step 3: Upload Your Files


Now that you’re in our Designer Tool, upload the artwork for your play. You can upload jgp, gif, png, pdf, and eps files, so make sure your file is formatted properly. It’s traditional to have the cast bill on the back, and you can design the back side by clicking on the image of the back of your shirt on the left hand side. 


Step 4: Get a Quote


Now that you’ve selected your product and colors and have uploaded your files, click on “Get a Quote”. Now you can enter in the number of each shirt size you need based on what your cast and crew need. Once you’ve entered in that information, we’ll show you exactly how much the entire order will cost and how much each individual shirt will cost. 


Step 5: Take Orders and Collect Money


Now that you know what the cost of the order will be and you know what each shirt will cost, take orders from the cast and crew. You may need to stay on their case to make sure they give you the money. Don’t put it off. 


Step 6: Place Order


You can save your design, and come back to order it later. Once you have the funds together, order the t-shirts and they will be delivered to you within 14 days. 


There you have it, a sure fire way to make you the hero of the publicity crew. Take a bow.

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