Close your eyes and think of the Fourth of July: daytime picnics, with buffets and lemonade.  Kids tossing water balloons to each other while their father’s crowd around the grill with a beer in hand.  The July night filled with fireworks and sparklers as the sound of Ray Charles singing America lingers in the background. Now open your eyes.  THAT NEVER HAPPENS UNLESS YOU’RE IN A BANK COMMERCIAL!!!

Remember last year when your family berated you as you showed up late the party, empty handed and ill-prepared?  Never again.  Grab your swimsuit, pack the cooler and figure out what you’re cooking for the Fourth of July.

Nothing says Fourth of July better than Apple Pie.  Those intertwined pieces of crust on top of a mound of hand-cut apples picked from Grandma’s backyard, sitting on top of a red and white checkered table cloth.  You see it? If you live closer to New England then you are more familiar with Whoopie Pie, the New England treat consisting of two round pieces of chocolate cake with a sweet, creamy filling.  But that’s not you?  You don’t even own a pan and aren’t trusted around an oven.  Try something different this summer and make some WhoopTee Pie.

Here’s our Recipe for WhoopTee Pie:

5 ideas for awesome custom t-shirts

2 tspns of the desire to design

3 pinches of sarcasm

1 can of Whoop Ass (may not substitute with imitations)


1.       Connect to the Internet via computer, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

2.       Logon to

3.       Select your T-shirt

4.       Create your design using the Designer Tool

5.       Place your order and enjoy!

(Double the recipe for group t-shirts)

*WARNING: The incredible selection of custom apparel may cause extreme excitability.  Don’t get burned by pop-up ads trying to draw you away from the site.  Look for the Whooptee Guarantee.


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