If you think the Smithsonian or other major institutions are the only names in the museum game, then you don’t know jack. Ok, wow, that was a bit harsh. Sorry pal. Anyway, the point is, there are plenty of high quality museums of every shape, size, and scope from one end of this country to the other and everywhere in-between. Chances are you city has a slew of small, independent museums you’ve never heard of. Chances are your small town or a town near you has a museum in it. The highway is littered with obscure museums that preserve the history of and celebrate various hobbies, time periods, industries, games, sports, arts, etc. If there is a following and an interest for something, chances are somewhere in the US of A there is a museum dedicated to it. If not, well, there may still be one. 


How do these small museums get by, you ask? Naturally, donations are a huge part of the game, as is admission. Of course, you can’t ignore the power of souvenir sales. Museums looking to maximize their revenue should contemplate selling t-shirts. Scratch that, there is much, much more custom t-shirts can do for a museum than serving as simple merchandise. 


Remember how we mentioned donations? Well, as we mentioned in our guide to crowdfunding with custom tees, if you give donors something of value in return for their support, they are more likely to give and give generously. Considering how affordable custom t-shirts are through WhoopTee, especially economically-friendly t-shirts, the ROI is undeniable. Once you get your free quote and see the cost breakdown per shirt, you can set a donation threshold that entitles a supporter to a free t-shirt. The small price of a cheap custom tee is nothing in the face of a valuable donation. 


Let’s circle back to selling the shirts again: souvenirs are an important component of any museum’s funding. T-Shirts cheap to produce, especially in higher quantities. While souvenirs like coffee cups and keychains are nice, they pale in comparison to t-shirts for one simple fact: usability. A shirt is a shirt, and a really nice t-shirt from an enjoyable, educational museum trip is an easy addition to most people’s clothing rotation. Having people wear your t-shirt also helps to raise awareness for your museum. Do your donors a favor, do your guests a favor, do your museum a favor, and most importantly, give history and education a favor, and order custom museum t-shirts from WhoopTee.

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