Do you have a secret recipe that has been passed around your family? One that you stole form another family? Or maybe one you found on the side of the road? Anyway, the point is that recipe is valuable, but it shouldn't be locked up, collecting dust, seeing the light of day once a year. It’s time you shared it with the world. You owe it to humanity not to sit on your prized recipe. That doesn't mean you should be kept from making some money, though. Quite the opposite actually: you can use your recipe, and other’s recipes to raise some cash, either for yourself or for a cause. Here’s how:


1. Cook!


This one is obvious. From events designed to sell food products like bake sales to competition events like a chili cook off, there are plenty of fundraisers that can put family recipes to good use. 


2. Sell it Yourself


Do you have a jam recipe? Hot sauce? Bottle it, and sell it. You can go to events like craft fairs or other festivals and have a booth. Work on deals with local grocery stores to carry your goods. 


3. Community Cookbooks


If you’re a group looking to raise funds, community cookbooks are a great way. Have members of your group or their family submit recipes, collect them into a community cookbook and sell them. Many people who don’t have time and/or money to contribute can still pitch in a recipe!


In any of these events, custom t-shirts are a must. They are essential for workers at events if you go with option 1, especially as a thank you to volunteers. They are a great way to promote a brand if you’re going with number 2. You can sweater the pot for number 3 and even charge more if you include a t-shirt. If you’re looking for an affordable custom t-shirt, look no further than WhoopTee. Want to save even further on your tee order? Check out our guides on budget-friendly t-shirts.

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