Bands: perfect your craft.Write your heart out. Make sure your solos scorch and your harmonies are rich. Gig, gig, and gig again. Hit the streets and hustle up a following. Spread your songs online. Record, rerecord, and record yet again. Don’t ever stop. Oh, and one more thing…




Here are a few reasons why custom t-shirts from WhoopTee are essential to your band.


3. They Legitimize You


When your fans walk around town in your t-shirt, or even better, show up at your gigs wearing your t-shirt, it legitimizes your band’s brand. They increase your public profile and spread awareness of what you’re doing. Maybe someone sees your band’s shirt and looks you up on YouTube or iTunes. You’ve just converted a new follower, or at least opened the door for them to become one. 


2. The Reinforce Your Image


Think about your favorite bands. Most of them likely has a design aesthetic, or a logo that pops into your head when you hear their music. Think the Pink Floyd prism, or the Red Hot Chili Peppers flower, or the grotesque cartoon monsters of Iron Maiden. Each of these designs are a visual representation of that band’s image and the feelings and imagery of their music. Creating a t-shirt to match your musical art can be almost as satisfying artistically as writing the songs.


1. Money


Look, we know the art is the driving force for many bands and not profits, but think about this; playing music costs you money. Equipment, for one thing, is outrageously expensive. Think of what the bare necessities like stands, strings, and cables cost. Now shudder thinking about amps and live sound gear. You also need to take into account opportunity cost. All the time you spend practicing and playing gigs is time you could spend making money somewhere else. If you’re getting lots of paid gigs, great. The extra money on the side from custom t-shirts is a great supplement.


Now think about this: where do you have to play to get noticed and move up the chain? Urban centers. In any city, competition for shows is fierce. In trendy cities, paid gigs are almost unheard of for bands down the food chain, and the few you may be able to find are for cover bands that can’t play original sets. That won’t get your art out to the world, now will it? T-Shirts allow you to accept non-paying gigs in trendy spots while still making enough money to sustain yourself and your band mates.

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