Who doesn’t love getting bang for their buck. Ok, if even one of you are reading this and thinking “you know what? I hate getting bang for my buck. I’d rather take my hard earned money and set it ablaze in the front lawn.”, you know what, this post, these guides, and this site probably aren’t for you. We are in the business of giving our customers great affordable t-shirts and plenty of value for their hard earned dollar. Business is a boomin’. 


Here’s one way you can get extra value out of your WhoopTee shirt: create one shirt for two holidays. You can create a shirt with a Christmas design on the front, and a New Year design on the back. Perhaps you wish your family and friends a Merry Christmas on the front of the shirt and wish they a Happy New Year on the back. One side is for wholesome family holiday traditions, the other for ushering in the new year with popping bottles and smoochy smooch. You can get as wild with the back as you want, or vice versa. Maybe go wild on both sides. Hey, it’s your holidays.


Our designer tool give you the freedom to design the affordable custom t-shirt you want quickly and easily. You can choose your shirt, choose your style, choose your colors, choose your type, choose your graphics, and even upload your own image. You can arrange these elements any way you see fit to create your masterpiece. All you have to do is check the left-hand corner you your screen while you’re in the designer tool and click on the side of the shirt you want to work with to switch back and forth.


The best part? Your t-shirt will ship for free in two weeks. Check the upper right-hand corner of your screen to find out when your shirt will arrive. We are all about value here at WhoopTee, and we are also very much invested in giving your the freedom to design a shirt you love.

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