Does the thought of Black Friday excite you? Until you remember you last year’s bloody nose. Do the deals keep you up at night? Until your remember the credit card scandal of 2010. Does the satisfaction of walking away with the goods, last throughout the year? Until you realize it doesn't fit in the car.   


Well this year you can have both the thrills of the holidays and the deal too because is giving 20% off for Black Friday!!! That's huge savings for all your custom apparel needs! I know what you're thinking, that's just enough of a discount to cover your shipping. Not true - Whooptee offers free shipping year round!  


Stop what you're doing and add this deal to your weekly calendar; be sure to include the code CUSTOMGIFTS at the checkout. Remember all those great shirts for friends and family you've been looking at all year? Now is the time to buy. This offer is only good from 11/28 - 12/1, so get your checkout cart ready.


Take a deep breath and relax. .. Settle into your couch . . . Put your feet up . . . Grab a cup of coffee or maybe even an eggnog and design a shirt.  Go shopping for custom apparel. Get all the best deals on shirts!  Follow these simple steps:


1. Take a look at your Christmas last and pick a person (or pet) that needs the perfect personalized gift.


2. Go to and search through custom shirts and custom t-shirts for athletics, youth or women's fit.  If that's not your thing, check out shorts, pants, jackets or hoodies.


3. Now ask yourself, are you the creative type or the efficient type? If you're creative, go straight to the Designer Tool to play around with the colors, fonts and clip art provided.  If you’re already have a custom creation, go ahead and upload the image to the shirt.


More of the business-type? Look through all the cool templates our designers created for your convenience. Choose your favorite, personalize it and you're set.


4. Either get a quick quote or checkout.  Use the code CUSTOMGIFTS to receive 20% off, in addition to our complimentary free shipping. This code is only good from 11/28 - 12/1, but you'll have your order on two weeks. If you need it before then, just add a rush order.


5. Give your loved ones their favorite gifts of the season and bask in the glory!

And if you feel like you've missed out on all the hustle and bustle of the Black Friday shopping, not to worry. Shop online first and head out to the mall, but don't forget your armor.

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