With summer comes a favorite that many kids look forward to all year: open community pools. Many communities all around have pools open to the public. Pools need lifeguards, and lifeguards need uniforms. Custom t-shirts can help keep skin from baking in the sun, but are also easy to remove for duty. 


Public pools aren’t just open for fun. Swim teams also compete in summer. Now with every new season comes new swimmers. Encourage them to learn and stick with the hard sport with our youth t-shirts. After all, swimming is hard, and making these kids feel like part of a team will help them stick with it. 


Or, for the less competitive, start a swim club. Everything is better with others. Even swim teams between neighbor families. Community is important after all: those who live together, swim together. This is a particularly good activity for the elderly, as is water aerobics. Swimming is low impact on the joints but is a fantastic cardio workout. 


What about our advanced swimmers? If you swim competitively we can help you design a team shirt for you and your team with our designer tool. With WhoopTee, you can design cheap custom t-shirts quickly and have them shipped for free in two weeks! Swimming after all can lead to a lot of opportunities for scholarships, college sports, or Olympics! 


Swimming can be about fun, exercise, or just plain relaxation. You can’t beat the feeling you get when you are floating in the water to the sounds of being underwater dance in your ears. In those moments, you can unwind and put life on pause for a minute. You can also work your muscles while your joints have less pressure on them, which makes it great for elderly people as well. 


Swimming is fun for all ages and we have the shirts for all ages! For fun, for sport, for health, or just for relaxation, get in the pool!

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