Did you know there are approximately six holidays in June? There’s D-Day, Flag Day, Father’s Day, Ramadan, Summer Solstice and Juneteenth Day (when Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.)  Not to mention countless birthdays, graduation parties, weddings,  anniversaries and reunions(family, high school or otherwise.)  June should be renamed Lune because you look like a lunatic trying to schedule your calendar, plan parties and pick gifts.


So there’s no need to explain why you need a custom shirt to celebrate; there’s barely enough time to design! Use this guide from Whooptee.com to pick your product, do your design and place your order. Hurry!


1. Choose an occassion:

  • Birthday ballgame

  • Father’s Day barbeque

  • Graduation party luau

  • Anniversary dinner

  • Family reunion


2. Choose a custom product:

  • t-shirt

  • tank top

  • polo

  • performance shirt

  • hoodie


3. Choose a theme:

  • tropical colors

  • neutral hues

  • saturated pigments

  • minimalist black and white

  • two-tone contrast


4. Choose a design:

  • large logo

  • timely template

  • cute clip art

  • perfect picture

  • foolproof phrase


5. Choose a time:

  • rush in a week

  • on time in two

  • free in three

  • four is fine

  • high five for July


After calculating your answers, Whooptee.com recommends . . . . that you don’t choose at all.  Make anything you want!  We offer many options that don’t require a minimum order, meaning you can make a one-of-a-kind shirt online.  But if we need group shirts, (and I’m looking at you family reunion) then use our t-shirt templates to create and send.  The family can preview and pay on our website.  No need to negotiate or collect money - it’s done!  And you’ll receive free shipping on any regular two week order; but if you need it faster, we can complete a one week rush for a small fee.

So whatever the occasion, you’ve got June covered.  But what about July . . .  Whooptee - Where our shirts meet your designs!

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