Happy New Year!  We realize it was yesterday, but now that you’re back in the land of the living, we figured we reconnect.  So, how was your New Year’s Eve?  You could've gone one of two ways: writing down resolutions, only to burn them in the fire and renew spiritually or new dress, champagne and loud music.  Either way, your NYE is over and it’s time to move on . . . and Whooptee.com is here to help!


You know all about how easy it is to design a shirt with our website.  You also know that we’re more than just shirts; we print custom tshirts, athletic shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts and hoodies.  You we’re affordable - no minimum and no shipping charges.  So all you need to do is to figure out what to do while you wait for your order to arrive.  Luckily, we have you covered.


Week 1:

  • Put away the holiday decor. Open some wine, blast some music and bust out the plastic bins.  In a few short hours, your house will go from Santa’s Workshop to clean and chic!

  • Catch up on end of the year “best of shows” on television.  Check out this list by IMBD

  • Download a new workout out app.  iTunes has a variety of apps to help you shed pounds and get in shape on the go!


Week 2:

  • Organize your closet: out with the old and in with the new!

  • Find a budget-friendly vacation for the spring. Spring break is right around the corner so start saving for a great get-away.

  • Get a haircut and highlights.  If you’re going for a new look, go all out. You’re shirt isn’t the only thing worth personalizing.

And finally, it’s here . . .the moment you’ve been waiting for . . . your new custom apparel from Whooptee . . .and just in time for the new you!

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