Have you ever spoken to a Millennial (a.k.a a person reaching young adulthood around 2000) and assumed you were speaking two different languages?  You clean out your ears, attempt to paraphrase what you heard, but never to come to an understanding?  


That’s what I experienced when I first heard about apps.  Not, appetizers, buts apps.  Those all important colorful, glowing icons laden with possibility.  They’re free, addictive and come in all varieties . . . okay, so they are a lot like appetizers.  But the best part of using an app is when you realize you don’t need to check your email, or look through your favorites in order to find your go-to stores.


As the commercial says, “There’s an app for that.”  And they’re right . . . well, almost.  Apps are great but not all great online stores have apps; take Whooptee.com for example.  We’re so busy trying to give you great ideas for custom shirts that we don’t have time for apps.  Instead,  all you have to do is save us to your home screen.  You’ve seen it before, just open Whooptee.com on your smartphone. click the download icon and Add to Home Screen.  You can even change the title to something like Custom Apparel or My Favorite T-Shirt Shop.  


I know what you’re thinking, lots of other apps have coupons or deals or offers.  For example, Groupon is hoping to move beyond spas and restaurant reservations with the introduction of Snap, a grocery shopping app for iPhone and Android that pays users cash back on supermarket purchases.  


Well, Whooptee has been doing that for years! We offer coupon codes for 10% and 20% off, plus free shipping!  In fact, here’s a coupon code to use on your next order: customteeforme. If it’s contests you want, you got it. You can win apparel for uploading  a photo, designing a shirt for your favorite charity or just ‘liking” our Facebook page.  If there’s one thing Millennials are good at, it’s being tech savvy. But it’s your budget that gets things done.


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