Gone are the days when beer was dominated by a select handful of breweries. Beer lovers all around have created the demand for craft beers, brewed in small breweries around the country. As with the restaurant and retail industries, millennials who grew up in a world saturated with chains and all-consuming international brands pine for different. They reject the homogenized sameness of the classic beer tap. They want something unique, made with craft and bursting with flavor. 


Micro brews and small town breweries can have a great product, or a great location, or even be in great stores…and still struggle to attract beer lovers. What can be done to rans the profile of your beer?


Create custom t-shirts online


First and foremost, create custom t-shirts online for your beer. You can upload your logo and easily create a custom tee for your beer on WhoopTee.com. Once you have a  custom t-shirt, you can not only open up a revenue source by selling t-shirts, but you also turn everyone who buys a shirt into a brand ambassador. Now when they wear the t-shirt, people will ask them about the beer brand, if they like it, and where to get it. 


Wear t-shirts at tastings


Having tastings in liquor stores and super markets is a great way to get out and convince beer lovers to try your brew. When you do, wear your custom shirts. You can also raffle your shirts away to get people to sign up for your mailing list or to follow you on social media, which brings us too…


Use custom tees to promote your social media accounts


We talk often in your guides about promoting your tees through social media, but in this case using the tees to promote your social media accounts, and by extension your brewery and beer, is the goal. You can hold contests to give t-shirts away, requiring people to like, share, and comment to enter.


If you’re launching a new beer, have a seasonal flavor, or just want to start a new advertising drive, use a # specific to your beer and print it on your t-shirts.

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