Organic traffic is disappearing on Facebook. This much is true. To understand how this affects your efforts to promote your custom tees, an explanation of organic traffic is needed. Organic traffic on Facebook is eyeballs on your brand that aren’t paid for. This comes from people who like your page seeing your posts in their newsfeed, and people seeing posts of yours that their friends liked or shared. 


Why is organic traffic dying?


With each change in Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm, organic traffic to Facebook pages takes a hit. The algorithm weights more highly posts by who the algorithm deeps you’re most likely to interact with. This puts your close family and friends, or who Facebook thinks are your close friends, at the top of the list and businesses at the bottom. 


With organic traffic dying, paid advertising is becoming increasingly important to Facebook marketing. However, paid advertising is far from the only way to get traffic to your custom tee page. 


How to get organic traffic


The best and most reliable way of getting organic traffic is to create great content. It may sound too obvious, but high quality content that engages with your fans will still be able to cut through newsfeeds. Videos and photos are given priority. Creativity and a genuine understanding of your audience are a must. 


Giveaways are a great cost-effective way of generating traffic. A simple like/share/comment contest with a t-shirt prize will only cost you a t-shirt and shipping, which is a small price to pay compared to an advertisement. These contests will also get you more quality interactions than many advertisements. 


This doesn’t mean that advertising should be off the table


Properly managed, a successful advertising campaign cab be extremely effective. Again, visual advertisements are key. You can create Facebook advertisements that drive customers to your store and are targeted within a radius of your location. You can target based on demographics, geography, interests and behaviors. You can create carousels or videos. The applications are limitless. 


One thing is for sure, generic “buy me” posts with text and no images will get you nowhere. Put effort into your Facebook game and you will be rewarded.

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