Promoting your custom tees, if you’re making shirts of your own design to sell, can be a tough battle. Finding the right inspiration is one thing. Creating an eye catching design is another. Tapping into the zeitgeist is very, very difficult. But perhaps the most difficult part of selling your t-shirts is getting them out there! 


So, you start a Facebook, a Twitter, a YouTube, and any social networks that make sense for you. And…you only have a handful of likes, followers, subs, etc. So, you hit the pavement, and you try to promote yourself…and your followers move at a snails pace. So now what? Paid advertising? You don’t have the cash for that, and even if you did, you could throw money at the problem and never get any ROI. So, how else can you build your audience?




Social media influencers are people with accounts who have a following of dedicated fans. For example, video game related YouTube channels with lots of subscribers. Comic book Twitter accounts with lots of followers. Makeup, Star Wars, DIY, you name it, and there are people putting out great content for those fans. These are people you want talking your product. You want them Tweeting about your shirts, talking about your shirts on a podcast, or showing them in YouTube videos, or writing about them on their blogs. 


Using influencers and leveraging their fan bases can be a much more effective use of a marketing budget than regular advertising. This isn’t a new idea: Daymond John from Shark Tank built a business empire by having rappers wear his FUBU brand clothing in music videos while he was building his company from his mother’s house. Social media means there are a lot more influencers out there with the potential to reach audiences, and they all have defined niche audiences you allow you to go straight to the people who will want your shirt.

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