As we covered in our previous guide on grassroots promotion, maybe you don’t have much of an advertising budget. Maybe you don’t have enough for a social media influencer. Maybe you don't have ANYTHING at all to play with advertising wise. That’s ok. You made your t-shirts, that’s the main thing. You have a quality product and you have one resource you can actually control: elbow grease. 


Yes, the fact of the matter is you will have to hit the streets, so to speak, to drum up excitement for your t-shirts and connect with fans. A great way to do this, especially if you have a niche shirt, is conventions. These come in a hand full of forms. 




The most straightforward way to get people to buy your shirts is to go to the people. Find the fandom or  niche most likely to connect with your shirt and go to conventions and shows in that arena. If possible, travel to shows outside your area to spread your wings geographically. When you do, make sure you encourage everyone who shows and interest or stops by your stand not just to buy a shirt, but to follow you on social media and tell their friends to do that same. 




You could go customer to customer to build your base, or you could go straight for the main artery of sales and get your product in retail stores. To do this, take your shirts to trade shows and show your goods to potential buyers. All you need is one national partner to like your shirts, and you’re in the big time. Smaller partners will still be great for sales and growing your brand.


All while walking either or both of these paths, be sure to post often, listen to feedback, hone your craft, and engage with your followers.

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