You’ve never considered yourself political and you certainly aren’t one to campaign. . . . Unless it’s for something that you care about deeply. That’s why you support nonprofits.  That’s why you chose to be a teacher, an aide or just a good person. And that’s why the community needs to know about the good work your organization does every day.


Whooptee wants to reward Non-Profit Organizations with a contest for the chance to 500 shirts. I know what you’re thinking, I bet I have to give my first born child and my Starbucks coffee in order to enter, let alone win.  Not true!  All you have to do is go to, make a design with the help of our Designer Tool and you’re half way there.  


The other half requires you to get the vote out.  Now I’m not suggesting you take out a full on ad campaign like its a presidential election (although that’s sure to draw attention.)  Here are 10 ways to get your supporters engaged and voting.  They may not be new ideas, but they  work:



1) Add voting requests to your profile picture  


2) Send daily reminders asking for votes


3) Retweet and promote shares that ask for your vote


4.)Take a screen shot of your design and promote on Instagram


5.) Create a separate Facebook group that all support your non-profit and ask that they invite friends


6.) Solicit vote requests on other contest blogs and swap votes


7.) Create a Youtube video that shows the work being done at your NPO and provide a link for easy voting


8.) Email everyone in your contact list a link to the design from the Designer Tool


9.) Quickly explain the simple, easy process for voting anyway you can


10.)Buy the shirt and wear it!  Good design speaks for itself.

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