Hashtags are central to any good social marketing campaign these days. That’s not the question. The question is how do you get fans to use your hashtag? How do you raise awareness for your product and drive sales? The idea is to get a base of followers using your hashtag, and from that your message will spread. The more people who use your hashtag, the more will see your message, who will then use your hashtag, who will then…you get the idea. Again, how do you get that initial base? Promote your hashtag with a custom t-shirt and the rest will come. 


You can create the perfect t-shirt design to promote your hashtag with our user-friendly designer tool. We have the colors, the fonts, and the clipart for you to create a design you can be proud of. If you have your own logo or other image you’d like to use, you can always upload it, provided you use the proper formats. May we suggest that you keep your design clean, and simple. Sometimes the most effective designs are crisp, and free of clutter. There’s something to be said for simple designs. 


Once you have your design straightened away, you can start handing out your t-shirts to customers, prospects, or even people on the street. You can have give your shirts away on your social media channels as a contest. Those contests themselves promote your accounts and they generate brand awareness. Make using the hashtag a part of the contest. Then, the winner wears the hashtag t-shirt you get brand awareness and hashtag promotion again, allowing you to double dip. 


Our shirts are affordable promotional tools that you can’t pass up for your next social media campaign. The icing on the cake? Our orders ship for free in two weeks. Check the upper right-hand corner of your screen to see when your order will ship.

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