It’s hard getting film projects off the ground, but it’s essential to any aspiring filmmaker to do so, for recognition, for experience, or for artistic satisfaction. The problem is: it’s really, really hard. The logistics are a nightmare. Scheduling shoots, finding locations, costumes, digging up actors, permits, storyboarding…it’s not as simple as point and shoot. The biggest challenge of all is the almighty dollar. Raising funds for any project is hard, but raising funds for a short film is especially hard. You won’t get investors, because most short films are impossible to monetize enough for them to get any kind of ROI. Nobody likes hitting up family and friends for money. If only the fans who your film will reach could fund the piece of art they want to see…


That’s a possibility with crowdfunding. You can show off your concept, and explain what they will be getting though their contribution on sites like KickStarter, Patreon, and GoFundMe. One thing you absolutely need to do is show your potential donors what they get out of contributing to the project. That usually includes some sort of gift. Enter custom t-shirts. 


You can order affordable custom t-shirts with WhoopTee and give them to your donors as a token of appreciation. This serves not only as an incentive to donate and a thank you, but also as a means of promoting the film as every time they wear the shirt they become a walking billboard for your art. You can keep your cost down by making affordable custom t-shirts and setting the donation threshold to get a shirt high enough to make money off of giving them away.  We have a series of guides devoted to keeping your t-shirts cost effective and budget friendly. You can also give away t-shirts on your social media channels to help build an audience. What are you waiting for? Choose a shirts and get designing!

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