We’ve covered in the past how you can integrate custom t-shirts into your crowdfunding campaign. In that scenario, affordable custom tees become a cheap way to entice donors to your crowdsourcing campaign by offering them as gifts. You can afford to give away cheap presents like this to help you solicit donations, either as a thank you to donors, or to include in a package for preordering a product. 


That last part is what we’d like to touch on. Let’s look at this situation in reverse. Instead of looking at how your t-shirts can drive your crowdfunding campaign, we’ll take a look at how t-shirts can be paid for BY a crowdsourcing campaign. 


If you have designs in your head that you know will be popular but you just don’t have the cash to have them printed, turn to the internet. If people like your designs, they’ll support you. You can create a design on WhoopTee.com and get a free quote to know exactly how much your t-shirts will cost individually. Once you have that number, set a donation threshold that includes a t-shirt once they’re printed. This way, you’re not looking for a handout. It’s more akin to taking preorders. 


You have to offer your backers something tangible. There is no such thing as a free lunch. T-shirts are perfect for this kind of setup because unlike tech innovations, you know at the end of your fundraising you’ll have a tangible product ready to hand out to those who paid. Our t-shirts ship for free in two weeks, so you can count on the date in the upper right-hand corner of your screen being when your t-shirts drive and you can plan accordingly. 


Once you have created your design, show it to family and friends first. Then, share it on social media to gauge an honest reaction. Take criticism in stride, and adjust your design accordingly. Once you have a design you and your target audience like, share it and build up more buzz. When you’ve built up anticipation, ask politely for help meeting your campaign goal.


This is really important: be courteous! These people are helping you out. Don’t be rude or off-putting, or your campaign will lead to nothing but hurt feelings. Places like Go Fund Me and Patreon have increasingly become lifelines to creators, but if you aren’t respectful, if you don’t offer something in return, and if you don’t have a good product, you won’t get far. If you put in the time, make a great shirt, and go about your campaign with decency, you can accomplish your goals.

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