Creating custom t-shirts online is easy through WhoopTee. You can choose your fonts, graphics, colors, and shirts style and make your vision come to life with our user-friendly designer tool. We don’t even charge for shipping! 


What isn’t easy is getting the word out about your shirts. Leveraging social media is key to any promotional strategy, especially for those on a budget. That’s why our guides for social media include this series to help you navigate a confusing landscape and find the right online promotional tactics for your t-shirts. 


Instagram is a rapidly ascending network that is rapidly solidifying as the gold standard of the youth. If you’re unfamiliar with Instagram, here’s a general overview. Instagram is primarily an image sharing platform, where users post photos from their mobil devices. Instagram also allows short videos, and has recently incorporated stories, or temporary slideshows of images. 


Social media in general is increasingly image driven, and Instagram is top of the pile in that department. This presents you with an interesting opportunity. On one hand, you have an image-driven platform, on the other a product in t-shirts that are by their very nature visually stimulating. Well, if your shirt isn't visually stimulating, you have bigger problems… Instagram and custom t-shirts are an ideal match. 


First of all, you have read-made visual content with your custom t-shirt designs. Simply taking photos of your custom t-shirts isn’t enough, though. You have to find interesting ways to reach your fans. One option is to lift the hood, so to speak, and show your fans the creation process. Take photos of the design process, from concept to creation, and post those as a story. 


Another option would be to find visually appealing ways to display your shirts in unique settings, like on a beach. Get creative, and see what other creative Instagram users are doing to take boring photos and make them living, breathing, vivid images. Another strategy would be to find influencers and bring them into the fold. For more on that, click here. 


Make sure to use hashtags relevant to your shirts and engage with your followers. Respond to comments and start conversations. Take the passion and creativity that lead to your shirts and unleash it on Instagram. Don’t forget, when you’re out in the real world, encourage people you meet to follow you.

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