Instagram is hard. Yes, many of the youngest of us who were wasted on selfies are slamming down your phones in disgust. First of all, we hate to lump you into a generational stereotype. There’s nothing more annoying than people who use “Millennials” as shorthand for excuses, explanations, and exclamations. What’s hard about Instagram is when you want to use it for your business, but you don't have a business that is camera-centric. Some services just aren’t made for image-based mediums. Now, if you’re a dog groomer or a makeup artist, yes, you will have no shortage of great photos to share. Some of us aren’t that lucky. 


Here’s an idea for a rainy day: create custom t-shirts for your business and share photos of them on Instagram. You can create a custom t-shirt online with our user-friendly designer tool and have total control over your creative vision. You can choose your shirt, choose your colors, choose your fonts, and choose your graphics. You can pick from our clip art or upload your own image. Once you’ve created a shirt that properly advances your brand’s vision, and have decided on the finer points of the design, you can order your shirts and have them shipped for free in two weeks. 


Once you get your shirts, take photos of them on days when you have nothing else to show. It gives you content while advancing your brand’s image. You can use this as an opportunity to sell your shirts, or give them away. T-shirts make for inexpensive prizes to give away in social media contests that can help drive followers, likes, and shares to your organization. If you want to keep the costs down even further, consider a black and white tee and order in bulk. Make a design that will be appropriate for a while, so you can order in bulk and drive the price per item in your order down.

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