Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, or a multitude of other social media applications, organic traffic is becoming harder and harder to get. However, social media advertising has matured quite a bit over the last few years (during the same period that organic traffic has been cut down, imagine that!). While one door may close on the organic side, the paid side is ripe with opportunity for those willing to put up the money, time, and effort. Here are a few things to consider when sliding into the world of paid social advertising.


Be Patient 


Just because you took Facebook up on a “boost” offer and tossed $25 at a post with good traffic doesn’t mean that you’re now going to be growing in likes and t-shirt orders. On the contrary, real results from social media advertising takes time and patience. You first advertisement, or your first several, may not get you much in the way of results. Be sure to compare the copy, images, and other characteristics in your advertisements to see what is working and what isn’t. 


Target the Right People


In the old days, niche magazines and trade publications were as close to finding a specific audience as advertisers could get. Then cable TV and the internet made it easier to reach a niche. Social media blows them all out of the water. You can target perspective customers by age, gender, geographic location, interests, income, hobbies, shopping habits, education, and more. Make sure your advertisements aren’t overly broad – target specific people with advertisements specifically designed for them.


Think Visually


There’s a reason Instagram and Snapchat are conquering the world. Attention spans are evaporating. Visual posts are now the only way to go. Photos? Great. Video? Even better. There is a host of great 3rd party apps that can help you create great short videos, motion photos, .GIFs, and more. Boomerangs are becoming increasingly popular. Make sure you put a TON of detail into your visual representation. Selling an inherently visual item like a custom t-shirt, this becomes even more important. Make sure you invest in good lights and photography equipment and put care into your presentation. 


Be Creative! 


Here’s a thing. Buy it. 


Never, ever do that. Get creative! Spend some time looking into what your target audience likes and reach them on a level beyond a static “buy this” advertisement. People increasingly hate being sold to, thus you can’t be overly overt about selling. Entertain your customers, and the sales will come. Command them to buy, and you’ll waste your advertising budget.

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