Unlike the phonogram, telegram or the graham cracker, Instagram is modern, convenient and here to stay! We want to make sure your custom shirts make the social media circuit. If you love the pictures on Facebook, but hate the long, social commentary – Instagram is a perfect fit. Besides, you never know when Whooptee.com is going to have another photo submission contest. So if you don’t want to be caught without your shirt on, follow this simple guide to get started:
Step 1: Register
I’m assuming everyone has a smartphone since I saw a homeless baby with one this morning. Download the Instagram app and create your profile. Because I’m part of the WhoopTeam, I want something that represents me and my personality.
Ex. WhoopTease
Step 2: Notifications
Sometimes notifications can seem like junk mail, reporting every “like,” “mention,” or “Popular Page.” To use more privately, go to your phone Settings, then Notifications Center and finally Instagram to configure preferences.
Step 3: Add a Photo
Of course! That’s why you’re there! Click the blue camera button in the center of your Instagram navigation panel. By default, Instagram activates your device’s camera, so you may either choose to snap a picture then and there, or choose a picture already saved to your phone. If you choose a photo from your camera roll, keep in mind that Instagram sizes photos to perfect squares. Therefore, if you select a photo that was originally taken horizontally (landscape), you’ll have to crop some portions of the image — either that, or live with the default black border.
Ex. Wonderful Whooptee fan
Step 4: Filters
If you like your media, like you like your coffee than you’ll appreciate the range of filters available. And by range, I mean 17. Add effects and borders to enhance the mood.
Ex. Panda Loving Whooptee fan
Step 5: Share
Not Cher, but you could probably share with Cher if the mood shook you. Ok, I’ll stop. Once your photo is ready to go, click the green checkmark. This brings you to the social sharing screen. If you want, add a caption explaining what you’ve photographed, an anecdote, or really anything your social networks would enjoy. Feel free to add category hashtags and @mention people (especially if you plan to share via Twitter.)
Ex. Worldly Whooptee fan

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