If you thought Twitter was for twits and Facebook is for phonies, than you’re losing out.  There’s a burgeoning use of social media that’s redefining the way we communicate, create and exchange ideas.  For example, we get to tell everyone Whooptee.com is giving away free t-shirts just for following us on Twitter. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, here’s how you can join Twitter to enter a chance to win:  

Step 1: Logon to twitter.com.  You’ll know you’re at the right spot when you see that beautiful blue bird ready to gossip.

Step 2: Come up with a cool twitter handle. What‘s a handle?  Think old school Dukes of Hazard where everyone has a secret name over the radio wave; or in this case – the Internet. Fill out the general information, top secret password and you’re ready to tweet.

      Example: WhoopteeFan

Step 3:  What’s a tweet? Tweeting, a verb, is creating a single message or update in 140 characters or less. No long-winded messages or novels; simple and straight forward.  You may want to include a mention using @whooptee

      Example:  I just won a free t-shirt for following Whooptee.com!  They are the best apparel company, with the coolest logos and lowest prices.  I’m never shopping anywhere else; thanks WhoopTeam. @whooptee

Step 4: Why are you using Twitter?  In this case, to win free stuff!  Follow celebs, friends, Re-Tweet (okay, I’m jumping ahead) or hashtag in real time. The hashtag.  Formerly known as the number sign (#), the hashtag has taken on a new life.  Prefacing a word with a '#' will create a hashtag. A hashtag makes a certain word easily searchable.

Example: #freecustomtshirtdesign 

             or #Whoopteehoddie

            or even #IwanttobeontheWhoopteam

Step 4: Customize your profile.  One-of-a-kind, unique, modified, distinctive or exclusive – whichever word you use, make it your own.  Choose from background, color, font and style. It’s that simple. 

Example: Just imagine you’re designing a custom t-shirt from Whooptee

Happy Tweeting from the WhoopTeam!

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