If you’re looking to promote your tees, grassroots style or more, it’s important to understand the different social media outlets out there. To keep from wasting time, energy, and effort, not to mention money, it’s important that you understand the various platforms out there. Each has its own unique strengths, limitations, and features. As a result, the users of every platform don’t use them the same way, or interact with media and others the same way. It’s important to understand each platform and what they’re used for.




Let’s start with the biggest kid on the block. Facebook has the widest audience, and the most users. It has a plethora of great features. Here’s one to consider when selling custom t-shirts online – you can sell the shirts you design on WhoopTee.com directly from your Facebook page. You can broadcast live, you can write longer posts than other social media platforms. Facebook is your best bet for reaching customers of later generations. 




Twitter messages, called Tweets, are larger than they used to be, increasing from 140 characters to 280. Still, Twitter is all about being short and sweet. Short messages, GIFS, short videos, you get the idea. Use hashtags (#) to identify topics you’re discussing and allow people interested in your topics to find you easily. Twitter is a younger crowd, but older generations are starting to hop on board more than in the past. 




Instagram is by far the youngest skewing of the major platforms. Instagram is all photos and short videos. Hashtags are even more important than with Twitter. The visual nature of t-shirts makes Instagram an ideal venue for selling t-shirts, especially to millennials. 




Snapchat allows users to take photos that disappear after a set period of time. It used to be just 10 seconds, but you can now set the photos to exist for up to an unlimited amount of time. Once they disappear, they’re gone. You can use the Snapchat story feature to tell visual stories that are geotagged and easy for local customers to find.




Pinterest is predominantly female. Users take photos they find on Pinterest, called Pins, and pin them to “boards’ for various topics, like recipes, craft ideas, workouts, household items, and clothing. This is where you come in…


If you want to know about Youtube also, check out our guide to t-shirts and Youtube.


This is the most basic, surface level snapshot of what’s out there. Even more niche social media platforms exist. Let this be a guide to start thinking about where to find your target audience and where to promote your custom t-shirts.

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