When we get to the age where we start making our own Christmas cards, we have friends and family who are also making cute Christmas cards. For some of us competitive people, we are facing a “cuteness competition”. You may have those friends who got engaged and are doing a couple picture or a ring picture for their Christmas card. Who can blame them? Rings are pretty and the “cuteness competition” bar is raised. What about the ultimate “cuteness competition” card…the baby’s first Christmas card. We can’t even touch this kind of cuteness. Or can we? We can help you design the cutest custom pet sweater. Dogs are cute but when you put them in a sweater like they’re little people, it’s so cute. We may even put it up to adorable. You can choose from a hoodie sweater or a doggie tank top. It may sound unusual to wear a tank top in winter but if your furry friend has a thick coat he or she might prefer it, especially if they don’t like sleeves. We have sizes in X-small, small, medium, large, X-large, 2XL, and 3XL. There’s no reason your pet should go without a warm shirt this Christmas.


Maybe, you don’t own a pet. Or you have allergies or are just not a fan of all the pet hair in your home. Let us do what we do best and spruce up your Christmas cards with custom-matching t-shirts or sweatshirts. As every mother will tell you and every child disagree with, matching t-shirts are adorable. You can break away from all of the matching by getting one color and writing names or big brother or sister. If you have a lot maybe number them. You are after all appealing to your Grandmas, aunts, and female friends who love to see matching shirts you just can’t find in stores. Let WhoopTee join you in celebrating Christmas with our custom tees. 

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