If you love pets, there are a multitude of ways you can help animals in need. This applies to cats, iguanas, parrots, and just about any other domesticated pet, but for today, we're going to focus on our four-legged freinds often reffereed to as "man's best friend." Here are a few ways you can help dogs in your area. 


With Your Wallet


This one is a no brainer. If you want to help a pet shelter, you can simply whip out your wallet and donate some cash, or you can write a check. Many shelters also need donations of basic supplies, like cleaning supplies and paper towels. There are also rescue organizations that aren’t organized shelters that need money to operate. 


With Your Time


Another way to help out a shelter is with your time. There are a few ways you can do this. For one, you can volunteer at the shelter. Extra hands to clean, walk, the dogs, or simply give them attention can be a major help. If you’d like to take your involvement a step further, you can open your doors to foster dogs, be it puppies or older dogs the shelter or organizations needs to have cared for off site for space or supervision reasons. 


With Your Home


If you’re going to open your home, why not open it permanently to a dog in need? You will save a fur baby from loneliness, ease the burden of the shelter or rescue group, and get a loyal, loving companion all at once. Adopting a dog is the best decision you can make. Most of the time, that is. Having a dog is a great responsibility, not just in care and expenses, but attention. Dogs are social animals, so if you don’t have the time to devote to their care and affection, we would recommend passing on adoption and getting your pet fix helping dogs in need at the shelter. 


Custom T-Shirts for Pets


You can also help sponsor shelters with custom t-shirts for employees and volunteers. WhoopTee’s affordable custom t-shirts will allow your shelter to uniform their staff, or give t-shirts away as tokens of appreciation without breaking the bank. We don’t just have t-shirts available for humans, either. We have pet t-shirts available that are adorable and customizable. You can order t-shirts for the dogs in the shelter, or include one with a gift basket for new pet families when they adopt. If you buy in bulk, you will get deeper savings.

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