When you love a pet, it ceases to be a pet. They’re a best friend. They’re a fury baby. They’re a member of the family. We love our pets, and they love us. That’s why we have to keep them healthy. That’s where veterinarians come in. They do so much more than treating sick or injured animals: they help make sure animals stay healthy over the long haul. When it comes to keeping animals healthy, awareness is key.


Anyone who has seen The Price is Right knows that the best way to control the pet population is to have your pets spayed or neutered. Veterinarians also know that the more unauthorized breading occurs in the pet population, the more animals roam the streets, a danger to others and themselves. This puts extra pressure on shelters. Some shelters are forced to euthanize dogs and cats due to space constraints. There are many no-kill shelters out there, but an exploding pet population adds extra pressure onto these not-for-profit organizations as well.


That’s where WhoopTee comes in. 


Veterinarians can design custom t-shirts online through WhoopTee to help spread the word about spaying/neutering, fleas/ticks, and other issues in the pet community. T-shirts are great for raising money for pet charities, or starting a fund to help care for strays also. When it comes time to do an immunization drive, t-shirts are a great for attendance prizes. They help bring people in the door as a promotional giveaway, they spread the word about vital health issues, and they give your business some extra visibility. That’s a triple win. 


You don’t have to limit yourself to shirts for people, either. WhoopTee has tank tops and hoodies for pets. You can expand your t-shirt market from customers with two legs to customers with up to four legs (sorry spiders, you shall go wanting),. We at WhoopTee are happy to serve pet lovers, pet doctors, and pets themselves.

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