I love a parade,the tramping of feet,

I love every beat I hear of a drum.

I love a parade, when I hear a band

I just want to stand and cheer as they come.

That rat-a tat-tat, the blare of a horn.

That rat-a tat-tat, a bright uniform;

The sight of a drill will give me a thrill,

I thrill at the skill of everything military.

I love a parade, a handful of vets,

A line of cadets or any brigade,

For I love a parade.


The Music Man said it best, but what makes for the best parade? Is a pet parade?  Preparing for a Pet Parade can be pretty dog-gone daunting; you don’t want to look paltry or preposterous. If you’re a patron and pets are your project, pay attention to the top picks for the Halloween 2014 party(according to Google):


  1. Wizard of Oz Glinda Dog

  2. Dino Raptor

  3. Hot Dog

  4. Lion Mane Dog Head

  5. Star Wars Dog Yoda


Animals dressed as other animals? Old news.   Animals as food?   Too close to dinner.  Yoda dog?  Okay, that could win a contest, but these costumes can cost anywhere from $20 to $100!  Try an affordable alternative with Whooptee’s Pet Apparel.  Two choices, five different options, plenty to play with:


  1. Elliot from E.T. in a Doggie Skins Tank Top in Red (add jeans and sneakers)

  2. Bruiser  from Legally Blonde in a Doggie Skins Tank Top in Pink Woodland  (add a feather boa and rhinestones)

  3. Mr. T in a Doggie Skins Tank Top in Green Woodland (add gold chains and the perfect mohawk)

  4. Eminem in a Doggie Skins Hooded Tee in Black

  5. Justin Bieber in a Doggie Skins Hooded Tee in any color (just make sure it’s a small dog with a lot of attitude)


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