Have you ever worn something so comfortable, easy and cool that is felt like a second skin? We all want to look good and are willing to sacrifice comfort to do so. On the other hand, we all have that moment where we throw on whatever feels right and think “Let them judge! I feel great!” Meanwhile, random people are trying to give you money as you walk the streets sporting tattered, old jeans and a stained cardigan. Why sacrifice fashion for comfort? With the Badger B Dry Core Hook T-Shirt, you don’t have to. 
This high-contrast, paneled design and moisture-resistant shirt is a great daytime uniform. Paired with the right pants, shoes and t shirt design, you’re ready for dinner or a ballgame. The Badger B-Dry Hook T-shirt is available in six different colors; order one in every shade. Everyone will notice your effortless style in this clean, self-fabric collared shirt. In an era of invention that has created The Selfie, show off that new look. Tweet it, hash tag it, Instragram it or text it. Reinvent yourself with little effort. Go to Whooptee.com for all of your custom t shirt wants and needs.

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