Have you ever seen that one guy or girl who has the coolest look at the game? Maybe they’re decked out in a full out costume to support the team. Maybe a particularly cheeky altered jersey or shirt catches your eye. You’re a human being, and therefore probably like the idea of getting attention and standing out in a crowd. Well, here’s your chance. You may not be able to be a sports star. You’re probably never going to throw the game winning pass or hit a walk off homer, but there’s no reason you can’t be the emperor of the bleachers. 


Create a custom t-shirt for your choosing and make yourself seen in the bleachers. Maybe your shirt incorporates a motivational slogan in your team’s colors. Maybe it’s a shirt that expresses your frustration as a fan for perennial sad sack teams. Either way, don’t be vulgar or mean spirited, but a little fun never hurt anyone. As long as nobody gets hurt, emotionally or otherwise, it’s all harmless fun. 


You can make a cheap t-shirt online using our designer tool and bring it to the ballpark after just two weeks. Plus, our orders ship for free. With our no minimum shirts, you can be a one-person cheering section. If you wanted to bring some friends with you, though, you could always order more. That would bring the price per shirt down considerably. If you’re ordering for more people, consider making a jersey for your fan club. Either way, matching tees are a great way to show your team is in solidarity rooting for your real team. 


If you want to expand your crusade, try sharing your design on social media. Show your friends and see if anyone wants to join you in the bleachers!

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