Is there any sport more fun than dodgeball? No, there isn’t. No, we’re not being cute. We ran the numbers, performed dozens of tests, simulations, long-term studies, and samples. They all pointed to the incontrovertible, undeniable fact that dodgeball is, without any reservations, qualifications, or exceptions of any kind, the single most purely fun activity in the history of human civilization since Homo Sapiens first stood erect until the year 2017. *The proceeding statement is purely for entertainment purposes and has not been thoroughly studied.*


A gladiator fight between gorillas in giant robotic battle suits on the moon pales in intensity besides a standard dodgeball game. An eagle dropped in red, white, and blue dropping apple pies full of baseballs from the sky looks decidedly un-American by comparison. In short, dodgeball, is really, really cool. 


Now that we have established the coolness of what the Romans called joyous incarnate [citation needed], let’s get down to brass tax: any respectable dodgeball team needs a respectable uniform. They also work with a budget like the rest of the world. The meeting of these two needs is paramount. Enter


Try one of these t-shirt options for your next dodgeball uniform. Our sleeveless t-shirts allow for maximum range of motion, and some, like this one, even include moisture management and  anti-microbial qualities. Browse our selection and find the features that best fit your team and budget. You can get a free quote by clicking “Get A Quote.” Just enter in the amounts you’ll need and other relevant information, like how many colors your t-shirt will be, and you will get an instant quote for how much your order will cost, as well as a price breakdown of how much each individual shirt costs. 


With our user friendly designer tool, you will be able to create your own dodgeball uniform from scratch quickly, easily, and conveniently. There will no longer be five D’s of dodgeball: we now have six. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, design, and dodge.

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