WhoopTee is a great place for custom softball tees for your team. Our designer tool allows you to create a design quickly and easily with plenty of color, font, and clip art options. You can also upload your own images. This tool is especially great for beer league teams, as you can have custom names and numbers on the back of your gear. Once you’ve completed your design, simply place your order and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll get tour custom gear in two weeks shipped free of charge. 


Great…now what about paying for them? Money doesn’t grow on trees, with a team full of people to order for, you can’t just charge into buying custom t-shirts without a clear strategy for drumming up the funds. Here are couple of ways to solve that problem:


The Good Ole Fashion Way


The old-fashioned, nitty gritty way of paying for jerseys without getting stuck for the entire bill yourself would be to breakdown how much each jersey costs. Luckily, if you go this route, you won’t have to whip out a pad and paper. Our quotes include a breakdown that shows how much the shirts cost per unit. 


Once you have those hard numbers in hand, you can then coordinate with your team and get their sizes and money. A great strategy for getting them to give you the money on time would be mohave them include t-shirts money with their league registration money. 




…but wouldn’t it be great if someone else paid for them? That’s idea isn’t so far fetched. You can talk to local businesses and groups about sponsoring your team in exchange for a logo on your shirts or naming your team after them. Who knows, you could get them to kick in the entire registration fee.

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