Clothes mean different things to different people.  Maybe it’s just something to keep you warm.  Or  made in a color that complements your hair and eyes.  For another, it’s their favorite birthday gift.  A varsity letter jacket shows your part of the team.  Your ripped up hoodie could mean you messed with the wrong girl. Different clothes for different moments for different people.

Let’s think about the football jersey: juvenile, playful, utilitarian in its design, but emblematic of masculinity.  For example, take a look at Augusta Sportswear Stadium Replica Jersey; one jersey- three ways.   When designing custom shirts, consider: the target audience, the occasion and the statement.

For the parents:   Parents of this millennium have an unparalleled sense of style when compared to their predecessors.  In the 1980’s, “mom jeans” were all the rage and any dad coming from the office to a game, never had the luxury of casual Friday.  Expect a “mother-of-the-quarterback” type to wear her jersey with black leggings or boot cut jeans over a thin tank top.  Dads who want in on the game expect a wide cut shoulder to accommodate a few practice passes during a tailgate.

For kids: So you’ve created tiny little sports fans in the form of a 10 year-old boy and 7 year-old cheerleader.  The strange thing about kids is that they insist on growing.  The great thing about kids is that they don’t mind if a jersey is a little big.  It usually gives them enough room for a warm sweatshirt or thick jacket.

For the girlfriend: A symbolic gesture of young love.  This jersey is meant to show the crowd – nay the world – that you two are a couple.  It doesn’t matter if she knots it at the bottom or shreds the sides, it’s all in the presentation.  Don’t just throw it at her as she sits in the front seat; roll it up, and  slip it in her book bag with a note.  It’s a classic look for the right girl.

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