The whole point of a guide is to explain how to do something within the given set of parameters, but that’s hard to do when team spirit is involved  - that comes from the heart.  Maybe that’s why we see so many crazy football fans clad head to toe, (face paint included) in awful game time apparel. It’s one thing to wear your lucky team sweatshirt and matching pajama pants in the comfort of your own home but tailgating in public is different.  And going to the season opening St. Louis Rams tailgate is paramount to the team’s success – only if you’re superstitious.

Design your own custom apparel for game time with a little help from

1.       Half the work is done for you: blue and gold or maybe throw in some white for contrast.

2.       The hard part is telling the starters apart from the veterans, from the rookies from the practice squad.  Four months of hype leaves you wonder if everyone is on the roster so BE SURE not to add a player that may not be there next year.

3.       Athletic styles have punch and there’s a ton of different ways to go: low cut, feminine flowy, practice jersey boxy or bold gold.  The Designer Tool lets you pick any product, add your design, view and get a quote before you commit to a shirt.

4.       While the Greatest Show on Turf is a distant memory, their legacy doesn’t have to be.  Choose from any St. Louis slang, sports moments or icons as a theme for a custom t-shirt.

5. With the changing Midwest weather, you may want to invest in shirts for a warm fall and another for a cold winter.  Unisex, one sex or no sex; choose the same design for each shirt or modify a design for the guys and the gals.  

Custom designs at a fan-friendly price.  That’s well-worth the price of admission. 

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