After watching weeks of America’s Got Talent, I can say one thing for sure . . . . Those outfits are off the hook!  People from different cultures and walks of life have come together in dance to form a stunning visual on stage.  Formations weaving in and out of themselves, jarring shots of color moving about while accordion-like motion encompass the stage.  But what are these dancers looking for?   Of course, there’s the chance to win $1 million dollars, but that’s the end goal.  I doubt they began in the pursuit of fame and fortune.  Is it athletic excellence? Maybe. 

There’s always one thing that brings athletes and performers together – the chance to compete on a national stage!  After thousands of hours practicing and dollars spent, each competitor feels they’ve earned the right to show the audience what they’ve got.  Pride of troupe and love of team bonds these individuals to stand united.

While fashion and artifice don’t make a dancer, clearly it means A LOT!  A dance costume may be custom designed for use in a specific dance work, or it may have a traditional design, such as those used in some ceremonial and folk dances.  It’s one thing to show uniformity on the stage but what about off-stage?

Custom dance shirts make all the difference to a successful squad. Whether you’re promoting your dance school, commemorating a special event, or creating personalized team shirts, has something for dancers of all shapes and sizes.  One unifying design can be used on all types of apparel for the dancers, their friends or even family. 

You can create and order bulk custom shirts to sell for fundraisers.  Custom t-shirts are a great way to show support and raise money for your troupe as you compete across the nation.

Don’t settle for second place with another t-shirt company; take it to the top and win it with Whooptee.  

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