custom t-shirt
So your body didn’t get the memo back in March about getting in shape for summer  . . . . and here you are, AGAIN, hanging out on the side of the pool in your swimsuit . . .  covered by a plain XL t-shirt from your husband’s wardrobe.  What happened?  Work, kids, pets, vacation, an old nagging injury?  It doesn’t take much to throw you off your game when it comes time to working out.

So let’s take this Motivation Monday to look inside to find the obstacles that keep us from becoming our best and find ways to fix them.

1. Time  

Problem: Just when you decided to start that book club, now you have to decide:  workout for the betterment of my health, or enjoy chatting over wine and snacks with friends?  Ouch.  this is a tough one.


Solution: Instead of discussing the latest read lazily in a living room, take your meeting outside.  Go to and design some cheap t-shirts online for your favorite group of gals!  Walk and talk for the first 30 minutes of your meeting, then treat yourself after!  Anytime you can add some quick cardio, to your routine is a step in the right direction!


2. Money

Problem: You think  “If I just had a personal trainer, a gym, massage therapist, nutritionist and chef, I’d be in great shape . . .but I don’t have the money!”


Solution: All of those things would be great, but let’s face it, those are the luxuries most have to do without.  Instead, focus on what you have.  Invest in a great pair of cross-training shoes, download a free fitness app and another for nutrition and find affordable workout clothes.  Whooptee has a variety of custom shirts for golf, weightlifting and running for a lower price than most sports retail stores. Order a Badger B-Dry Core Hook T-Shirt in a two tone style and pair with GIldan Dryblend Open Bottom Pocketed Sweatpants to keep you cool and dry without breaking the budget!

3. Motivation

Problem: You can’t picture yourself happily posing in front of the mirror after months of hardwork, pounds shed and inches withered away.  The phrase “before and after pictures” don’t apply to you because you think that applies to other people.


Solution: Take this #MotivationMonday to change your perspective, thereby, changing your life!  Go to, choose a couple tank tops, a few t-shirts and a hoodie.  Use the Designer Tool to make a custom workout shirt for every day of the week.  Add cute phrases like “Cardio,” “It’s a leg day,” “Hitting the trail” to get you motivated for a variety of workouts.


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